The World’s Most Dangerous Road

I am sitting on a comfy couch in Australia watching “The World’s Most Dangerous Roads” on TV.  The TV screen is showing graphic images of very narrow roads with sheer drops to the sides,  of crazy drivers weaving in and out in their little cars overtaking huge trucks on these very narrow roads.  I recognize the scenery…Read more The World’s Most Dangerous Road

A dream with pitfalls

Food plays a big part in my life. Some people live to eat, others eat to live. I am the former. I used to dream about opening a restaurant while sitting in my boring office job back in Australia. I looked for a couple of years for the right place to open in hometown but…Read more A dream with pitfalls

The humble Momo

Tibetan food is not one of my favourite foods.  The main ingredient of Tibetan food is barley flour (Tsampa) and it forms the basis what Tibetans eat for their three daily meals.  It is made into a bread and eaten for breakfast and lunch.  Thukpa is mainly consumed for dinner. It consists of noodles of various shapes…Read more The humble Momo

A Decade of Stories!

A decade seems a long time. It is a long time. A lifetime for 10 year olds!  Ten years in which to live, to work, to collect stories from the Bharatmata, my adopted home.  Mother India!  The Mother, as she is commonly and affectionately known, is one vast place, teaming to the brim with people, of different religions, of different castes, of different socio-economic backgrounds. …Read more A Decade of Stories!