A brave new world – Veganism!

I have never thought about becoming Vegan, till yesterday!  Yesterday was one of those days that started like all the others.  It was Sunday, not just any old Sunday but Easter Sunday back in Western land.  It is what they call ‘not Easter Sunday’ here in India.  ‘Not Easter Sunday’ is like all the other Sundays, no hype about Easter eggs, no panic buying for the long weekend and no more consumerism than normal.

A normal Sunday, right!  A friend had invited to a cooking demonstration – a normal thing to do on a ‘not’ Easter Sunday.  She was hosting a conference at her centre for Homeopaths.  As I have been a convert of natural medicine since I could start making my own decisions, I decided to go along for the ride.

I was interested to watch a cooking demonstration ‘Indian’ style, wondering if it was going to be a slick performance like the many cooking shows coming out of Australia, the US and the UK that dominate lifestyle channels here.

Unlike the TV shows, ours was an interactive cooking demonstration – there were vegetables to chop, to peel, to slice, to dice, to blend.  There were no little white bowls with everything  all laid out!

The end result was our lunch.  All made from ‘Plant Food’.  Our recipe sheets had tantalizing delights such as Red Beet, Red Lentil Salad (beetroot and lentils), French Bean Salad (beans and fresh coconut), Vegan Boursin (cheese like but made from raw cashews and tofu), Mayonnaise (made from Coconut and Cashews), Date Squares (an uncooked dessert made from cashews, raw oats, dates and orange juice) and Coconut Jaggery balls (made from raw sugar cane juice and balls).

We watch in amazement as the lunch menu unfolded before our eyes with Dr Nandita Shah as the demonstrator.  All the dishes prepared minus oils, sugar or fats.   Only fats with fiber welcome here!

Dr Shah lives in Auroville in southern India and spends her time travelling around the world converting all that will listen about the evils of protein, oils, fats, meat, dairy and all things that we think are good for us!    She runs workshops on her ‘Peas v Pills’ philosophy,          http://www.sharan-india.org/

I’m a convert, I’m there!  Come June I’m going to her retreat in Goa (well try!)   Easter Sundays will never be the same again.

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